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Indonesia: Meet the Team

Christine Zhang

Team Indonesia 2023

BSc in Biology, Chinese Language & Literature
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Class of 2025

Working in wildlife conservation has always been a dream of mine for me since I was a little girl who was from a city who loved to watch nature documentaries. I am so grateful to be given the opportunity by Engaged Cornell to learn about conservation, wildlife husbandry, and culture in Indonesia. This experience connected me back to my Asian heritage and allowed me to build relationships and bridge resources between my home country, America, and Asia. In the future, I hope to continue a career in international conservation/wildlife medicine, allowing me to continue making these connections, learning and teaching, and foster collaboration towards the larger goal of protecting the world’s biodiversity and cultures. One of my goals is to become a zoo veterinarian to help both wild and captive animals through veterinary medicine and increasing awareness of animal’s importance to our ecosystems. In doing so, I hope to nurture room for these amazing creatures in people’s hearts and rally them to help protect our world and the animals within it. 

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