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Indonesia: Meet the Team
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Montana Stone

Team Ujung Kulon 2017, 2018, & 2019

BS Biology 2019

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology & Marine Biology

My initial motivation for participating in an Engaged Cornell course was to try to experience something completely different from the world that I was used to and try to learn from as many people in as many ways that I possibly could. During my first year, I was the undergraduate student selected to go to Ujung Kulon, Indonesia and work with World Wildlife Fund Indonesia (WWF) in Javan rhinoceros conservation. Our field assistantship consisted of collecting fly samples, extracting bloodmeals from said samples, and processing them through the first stages of PCR. We also participated in conservation education in over five villages. In my second year with Dr. Robin Radcliffe's course, I was the teaching assistant for Conservation with Communities for One Health and I again traveled to Indonesia. In addition to accompanying the five other Cornell students during their planned itinerary, I worked with WWF and Ujung Kulon National Park to plan and start an intensive bioacoustical study on the Javan rhinoceros.

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